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Install Fascias really do care about your home; after all it's the biggest investment you will ever make.

Why subject your house to the harsh British weather without it being properly protected?

Install Fascias only use lead-free, calcium organic uPVC based products, which have been rigorously tried and tested against harsh weather conditions and as such, carry all relevant British standards for your total peace of mind.

Remember prevention is better than cure

Our Guide

The point where the walls of your house meet the roof is called your roofline. It’s one of the vulnerable parts of a building because it is exposed to attack from wind and rain. Problems with roofline can go unnoticed or ignored …until they turn into disasters!

The term given to the gutters and downpipes which are attached to a building’s roofline and which carry rain away from the roof into the drainage system.

When deciding which brand of products to use for your guttering replacement, make sure you choose a complete system. That is to say one with a fully integrated suite of rainwater and roofline products that have been designed to work together. Not only will this be easier and faster to install, it also makes for a better job – one that will last.

There are four basic styles of fascia to choose from when considering repair or replacement:

Flat Fascia

The flat fascia a clean, flat style without a return or leg. Ideal for traditional style buildings with low roofs where rafters are exposed. It can be used without soffit where there is no projection of the roof and the edge of the roofline is flush with the wall.

Square fascia

The most widely used fascia. Features a right angle and a leg to support the soffit.

Round fascia

Fascia with a rounded return edge, to give a softer look.

Scalloped or Ogee fascia

Fascia with a scalloped edge which gives a more decorative finish.

Decorative bargeboards and fascias create a really distinctive look and can be used on the rooflines of both traditional and modern homes.

You can choose from a wide range of decorative options including scalloped bargeboards and decorative mouldings when planning your repairs to enhance the appearance of your roof line.


These fit at the apex of the roof to give both a decorative and neat finish. They come in a variety of sizes and colours to match the rest of the roofline.

Tudor Boards

Popular in houses built during the 1920’s and 1930’s, these exposed timbers were added to make an attractive feature of the gable area. The originals were made of wood and consequently without regular maintenance can become rotten and unsightly.

PVC roofline products are available in woodgrain finishes and provide a low maintenance alternative that is quick to install and easy to maintain.

During your roofline installation your installer will construct the box end from a fascia board and two corner trims to neaten the edges.

It is awkward to make a box end for the scalloped ‘ogee’ fascia, if you have this type of board your installer may use a preformed box end.

Our fascias are completely free from flaking, cracking rotting and discolouration.

They are weather resistant, maintenance free and require no painting.

We offer fascias and soffits in multiple colour schemes and shapes. We can also supply specialised moulded roofline components to give fascias and soffits a unique look.

So, not only do they withstand the test of time, they are also attractive and enhance the entire look of your home!

We supply and install everything with the minimum of fuss.